About Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is a condition where the hair follicle and the dermal papilla is damaged. This particular kind of hair loss or baldness does not occur overnight. It’s a result of pulling the hair for a long period until the root of the hair is weakened and eventually falls out. In other words, the roots of the hair can’t hold the hair anymore.

This problem is very preventable as one of the major causes of traction alopecia is hair style (cornrows, locs, weaves and braiding hair tightly all pull the hair over time).

Other causes include processing the hair so often. The relaxed area of the hair get relaxed time and again, after some time the hair will eventually fall out

Combing and brushing the hair intensely will also cause hair loss. Excessive hair manipulation is extremely dangerous since it boosts traction alopecia.

Furthermore, wearing tight headgear like headbands, hats, or wigs, and wearing it on the same region for a long period will rub down the hair, and bald spots will start to develop.

As a worrying statistic about traction alopecia, this problem is often found in teens and children. Therefore, many adults in their lives don’t have an idea on how to manage their hair.

Braiding the hair of children every year without any break or giving them relaxers at a young age can lead to irreparable damage to the hair follicles.

If habit or hairstyle goes on without abating and the problem goes on for a very long time, then the situation can be irreparable not unless a surgery is performed for hair replacement. And before this situation gets here, there are three essential things to do:

1. Whether it’s protective style, a regular ponytail, or just putting in some braids, you should style isn’t very tight when doing any hairstyle. Among many people, there’s a high tendency of putting in braids tightly that it will loosen over time. You may be causing a long-lasting damage to your hair follicles over time if you do this regularly.

If the hairstyle is giving you a mild or a severe headache or you feel as if you cannot move your head or face, then you should loosen the hair as quick as possible.

Don’t sew the hair to a cornrow or use hair glue when putting in weaves and hairpieces. The hair often weakens particularly when it was sewn in or where the glue was added when the weaves are worn on a regular basis. Remember, no hairstyle is worth you losing your natural hair in the long term.

2. Change your hair routine regularly. It’s likely that you’re putting some force or strain on your front hairline and the region above your ears if you always wear a hair slicked back and the front part of your hair clipped back, or you’re caught up in a ponytail.

At times, you should wear your hair in a different style. As the saying goes “Variety is the spice of life,” then apply this saying to your own hairstyle with a distinct purpose.

3. You should avoid wearing headbands and hats scarves in one place all the time. Have you ever seen someone remove their head tie or hat and a specific part of their head where pressure is applied too often, seems to lie flat?

After some time, the hair in the area where pressure is applied will get sparser and sparser. Neglecting traction alopecia can cause permanent hair loss. It’s advisable to nip it in the bud and change the common hair habits which can cause this awful condition.

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