As Seen On Channel 4's Bodyshockers

The Bodyshockers episode which was aired on Wednesday 21st January 2015 (3rd episode of the second season) featured Natalie Rose, an Afro-Caribbean lady who was suffering from Traction Alopecia and whose hair transplant procedure was performed in our clinic.You can watch the whole episode on Channel 4 On Demand here.


Natalie's segment starts at 23:42 (meeting with Katie Piper, details of her condition and her wishes), continues at 36:26 (actual hair transplant procedure at our FUE Hair Transplant Clinics at 76 Harley Street) and concludes at 39:10 (review with Katie Piper, following a week after the hair transplant procedure).

Here is Natalie’s story as was shown in Bodyshockers:


When you’re a teenager andyouwant thelatesthairstyle,the last thing you thinkof are the potential repercussions you might face in later life.Natalie Rose spent her teens sporting a then-trendy hairstyle that involved an ultra-tight ponytail, nicknamed the Croydon facelift.But now aged 30, the hairstyle has had a disastrous effect on her appearance, leaving a quarter of Natalie’s head without hair.

“When I was at school it was fashionableandthere couldn’t be a hair out of place,” recalls Natalie, who works as a hair stylist. “It never actually occurred to me that I was ripping out my hair.Eventually around a quarter of my headbecamebaldand it wasthe only imperfection that Ihad. And like most people,I didn’t like the idea of being unattractive.”


Natalie was forced to cover up her bald spots with a range of wigs and weaves.“It was soseverethatI couldn’tevenjustput it in a ponytail and go the gym,” she continues.It made me feel anxious, defensive and vulnerable because it was sodisheartening.“Iwas always on the Internet doing researchand I tried all types of serums and lotions but after a week or twoInever sawany significant improvement.”

Things became so bad that Natalie didn’t even show Tryone, her boyfriend of five years, what lay under her wigs.


“I kept my hair hidden from him,” she reveals, “I wore a variety of wigsand no-onesawmy hair becauseI’d always either gotawig on orwaswearing my head scarf.“And I refused to get married while my hair was in that state.I wantedTyroneto see me completely flawless and with the hairstyle thatI want, not with the hairstyle I need to have just to cover that area.I didn’t want to wear a wig or weave at my wedding.“Our wedding day is a special day;it’s meant to only be oncesoyou want to look your bestandbe comfortable and confident. Itwould be really special to me to be completely natural.”

Eventually Natalie realised the only way to return her hair to how it should look was with a FUE Hair Transplant. So she turned to FUE Hair Transplant Clinics in a special episode of Channel 4’s top rated show, Bodyshockers.

Cameras followed Natalie every step of the way for her pain-free procedure.


First the surgeon marked up an area of the scalp at the back of Natalie’s head, containing thousands of hair follicles. He then injected the local anesthetic to make the area completely numb so she was unable to feel anything at all before the teamwentto work. The strip containing Natalie’s healthy hair was carefully cut awaybefore the medical team painstakingly removed each individual hair follicle. Each one wasprepped beforebeingcarefully implantedback into Natalie’s scalp in its new position onher bald spot.



Just a week later, as she revealed to Bodyshockers presenter Katie Piper, the results were phenomenal and Natalie had already dispensed with her once trusted wigs. “It wasn’t about the length of hair it was about having hair there,”Natalie explained. “The consultanttold me my hair should growback from six to nine monthswhich is whenI should see the full potential of my hair.


“I’m so happy with it thatI’ve given my boyfriend permission to proposeto me.Heis not on hold anymore!”

This is how Natalie currently looks, compared to her 'before' picture on the left:
38784_natalie rose tavernier afro hair transplant as seen on bodyschockers channel 4 with katie

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