If you are looking for a way to end your baldness in a more permanent way and have a more youthful look then hair transplant is what you are looking for. Hair transplant is a process that is performed by dermatologists or hair restoration surgeons. It involves moving hair to a bald area on your head. There are two popular hair transplants methods which include; Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The two methods when properly performed yield great results leading to a more natural look. However, after conducting a research, the FUE technique was prescribed as the best hair transplant method.

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When going through a FUE surgery, individual follicular units are extracted from the scalp, unit by unit. When extracting FUE grafts, the patient is required to shave their head, small grafts of about 1-3 hairs is extracted with a FUE needle. Only few grafts of hair follicles are removed in a random manner hence it might not even be noticeable. The procedure can take up to 2 days for better results and to allow the patient to achieve their transplantation goals.


· FUE procedure does not involve removal of tissues as compared to FUT which involves removing strips of tissues. This makes it a more appropriate approach of extracting hair.

· It helps avoid linear scars at all costs. There are no stitches required and no linear scar to heal. This makes it have a faster healing rate and less post- procedure effects.

· It is appealing to the younger patients. This is because it is a better approach of restoring hair to small areas compared to FUT. Due to technological advancement, the process is also advancing to be conducive for large areas of hair using small extractions of hair.

· You can be able to maintain a short hair. If you love having your hair short FUE will enable you to do that without causing false alarms. It leaves a natural look that someone can hardly notice you have gone through a surgical process.

· Appropriate for those patients that are at risk from getting widened scars. Very athletic and muscular or people with a thin and tight scalps run a higher risk of getting donor scars. This technique leaves no scars hence an advantageous to those that run a risk of scarring.

· Dermatologists also use more favorable ways while extracting grafts that cause less damage compared to hand- held or other automated devices.

· The process is simple and is done for outpatient surgeries where you can go back to your normal life as soon as the day after the surgery process. It only leaves 1mm diameter puncture like wounds that take less that 7 days to heal by themselves.


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Before taking any medical procedures consult with a doctor or dermatologists to get a professional view on what will work best for you. Remember every procedure has its pros and cons and weighing out them leads to better decision making. Having your hair done in the best procedure will make you more fulfilled and confident.

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