Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Losing hair is a common phenomenon in men, even more than in women. There are some well-known causes of hair loss in men that may not affect women. These include genetics and hormones. However, there are other causes which do not gender selective like diseases, medication, diet and stress.

Studies show that genetics are the number one cause loss of hair in the male population. Between the ages of 20 and 30, hair loss starts being evident. Some men will live the rest of their lives with thin hair, others with hair in patches whilst others with no hair at all.

Men hair loss

Hormones play a big role in our bodies. The sex hormone found in men is also associated with hair loss. If there are excess testosterone hormones, they combine with an enzyme and are converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormones. These hormones disturb the cycle of hair growth and its nutrition. Hair cells are unable to divide normally and begin to die from lack of nutrients. Men who have defect genes and do not produce testosterone will not lose their hair in this way. This also applies to men who are castrated.

Male Hair Loss

There are some diseases which affect the growth of hair. Examples of these diseases include HIV, arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and even fever. They tend to affect cells. Antibodies produced due to these diseases may tend to destroy the cells of the hair. Other diseases may suppress processes of hair production.

Taking certain medication may lead to hair loss. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are examples of treatments that affect the growth of hair. Both of these treatments are targeted at killing cancerous cells. However, other cells are also affected. Hair cells may stop all the processes until after the treatment has stopped. Steroids may be used in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis and skin disorders or in boosting muscle growth. Steroids can be taken by body builders or men who love to feel and look muscular. These steroids may contain testosterone which means there will be an increase of the hormone in the body.

Male hair loss

Lifestyle also contributes to hair loss. Lack of exercise and not eating the right foods may cause hair loss. Most of us have cars to take us where we want to go so we do not get enough exercise. There is less available oxygen in our bodies and blood is circulated slowly. Exercising do not mean going to the gym. You can jog or take the dog for a run around the neighborhood. We tend not to take note of the food in our plates. Breakfast can be a piece of toast and lunch a carry-out. The only meal that most people tend to sit down for is supper. All the meals we eat should have all the required elements. carry-outs tend to have a lot of fats or oil and should be avoided.

Knowing the causes of hair loss in men makes it easier to find the right treatment. Hair loss can be treated with the right medication. There are even hair replacement treatments that will permanently solve hair loss.

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