Does a beard transplant really work?

Thick beard hairs are a sign of maturity and masculinity. The beard hairs are one way of beautifying your overall appearance and making you attractive. But there are several males that face problems in growing thick beard hairs. This is mostly due to genetic causes. According to a survey, it is estimated that around 70% of the men face hair loss and baldness in their lifetime. They are unable to grow thick-bearded hairs. People opt for different ways to raise hairs, and one of the best ways to grow thick hairs is to treat the body with a hair transplant.

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Hair transplant techniques are extremely safe to carry out and have no side effects on the body. Strip and FUE technique The common method of hair transplant is the strip method, whereby a strip of growing hair is extracted from the healthier part of the body and is planted in the region where the hair growth is required. The method follows two major steps extraction of hairs from a healthier region and plantation of those hairs in the region where hair growth is needed. Nowadays a new method for hair transplantation is applied everywhere, known as the FUE method. FUE stands for follicular extraction method. During the follicular extraction method, bundles or groups of hairs are transplanted.

These groups contain 1 to 4 hairs. This method is carried out through machines and latest equipment. Donor Site and Harvesting of Hairs First of all, a donor site is located by the surgeons that suit best to your beard. The site is selected by the texture and color that will suit best to your beard. In FUE technique hair groups are harvested from the region where there are plenty of hairs. After the harvesting procedure, the many follicular units are extracted and are planted in the bear region. Mostly the hairs from the back of the scalp are harvested and planted in the beard region. These follicle units can be placed at any place. These can be planted in the mustaches, sideburns or beard to give you attractive and newer look.

Recovery Time of Beard Transplant The normal beard transplant is performed in about two to five hours. But it is also dependent upon the number of follicular units that are to be transplanted. No scars are formed by the FUE technique. However, a recovery time of at least 7 to 10 days is required for settling the hairs in right place. During the recovery time, special care is advised so that the recently transplanted follicular units don't fall out. The foe technique is used mainly because of two major reasons. Recovery Time The recovery time is concise lived, and the treatment is very advantageous.

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Quicker recovery time allows fewer precautions to be taken. So it is undertaken by many people. Painless Treatment The treatment is painless and causes no pain while the individual is being treated. It is painless s because all is done with the special help equipment. ' FUE Beard Transplant being a walk-in walk-out method local anesthetic is made use of for ensuring minimal downtime. On the donor area being located, every hair follicle is pulled out by the use of 'punches' for cutting in and about the follicle

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