Who can have Eyebrow Transplant

Several people can have an eyebrow transplant. Among them, include those individuals who were born without the proper DNA to initiate the growth of the eyebrow. Such people can visit Birmingham to have the eyebrow transplant. People with thin eyebrows also need the eyebrow transplant. They must also be healthy. Individuals who lose eyebrows during accidents can also have them transplanted. Such accidents might result from the chemical trauma onto the face or even the physical accidents such as injury. People affected by diseases such that the new eyebrows fail to grow are also advised to undergo the same. The old age might make an individual lose hairs; eyebrows might be among the hairs. Such people can visit Birmingham where transplanting will occur.

Eyebrow transplant Design


Eyebrow transplant is more important to the individuals who undergo this operation. It offers people with permanent avoidance against the constant grooming of the eyebrow. It improves the people’s facial appearance, and the look hence looks more attractive. Transplant hides the scars as well as the burns near the eyebrows, making an individual to look more attractive and younger. It frees people from the daily threading bills, as it requires low maintenance. It also eliminates the baldness among people. It helps individuals in case their eyelashes are missing. They trap dust particles preventing it from falling into the eye.


The eyebrow transplant involves some techniques. The procedures employed include the use of the Long Hair transplantation, which is the best; however, other methods include the use of the standard follicular unit extraction or the use of the Robotic Hair Transplantation. Whichever the method that will be employed, it will involve harvesting of the hair for example from the back of the head of the donor. Avoid leaving the scars from the donor. The donor's hair is then prepared under a microscope to ensure it is fit for the purpose of implantation. The last shape of the eyebrow, as well as the positioning, is designed. The recipient hair site gets prepared. The eyebrow from the donor is typically left at length is more useful for the later eyebrow. At this point, there is enough little downtime. The transplant expert then implants the donor hair ensuring the natural shape is preserved. The directions, as well as the density, are also maintained in the process to ensure a perfect eyebrow. Approximately 200 to 300 hairs are required in the recreation of the eyebrow. Anesthesia applied during the whole procedure to avoid pain.


Why Birmingham is the Best Place for this.

Birmingham is the great place to have eyebrow transplant because it has the best-experienced surgeons in this field. High-quality facilities are also available at this location that facilitates this procedure. Birmingham has low charges for this operation compared to other areas. The cost is, therefore, affordable to the affected people. In addition to these, Birmingham is also the best place for the operation because they do not take an extended period performing it. They take a short time, and a perfect work gets done. People who wish to have an eyebrow transplant are advised to visit Birmingham.

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