Famous men who have had a FUT hair transplant in the UK

FUT is a more advanced hair transplant technique allowing for transplanting hair in groups of one to four hairs. These groups are called follicular units which contain nerves and a small muscle as well as several fine vellus hairs. Hair naturally grows in groups of one to four which makes this transplanting technique's results seem more natural. FUT is more advanced than other hair transplant techniques for many other reasons. With this technique doctors can safely transplant larger amounts of follicular units without causing undesired effects which will significantly increase the quality of the overall result.


Besides the more natural look, FUT hair transplant allows for transplanting more hairs which ensures more hair density than you would get with other transplant techniques. This procedure is much more efficient than regular hair transplants yet it is easier to do. With FUT, doctors are able to get more hair transplanted and to do much larger procedures without damaging the scalp. In order too keep the natural look, the scalp has to look healthy and not irritated at all. This can be accomplished by removing extra tissue using stereo-microscopical dissection which wont damage the follicle. This is not possible with other techniques which is why FUT is one of the best ones out there.

Many people, including famous men, have gotten an FUT procedure and are very satisfied with it. Male baldness is a serious issue after reaching the age of 30 while the process of losing hair can start even sooner for more unfortunate men. To fix this aesthetically unpleasant problem, people have paid top dollar for the FUT procedure. The list of famous people for whom FUT did miracles is endless. Some of them include Wayne Rooney, Jason Donovan, Louis Walsh, Elton John (believe it or not), Shane Wane, Wes Walker, Robbie Williams and many more.

If you look at these people specifically you would never notice they had a hair transplant procedure done. Their hair looks natural and thick and very high quality. But their secret is, they once paid a top surgeon to make this natural and healthy hair look possible for them. These are true examples of how great FUT results are. This hair transplant technique is worth a try because it is known for successful results. It minimizes scalp damage which is crucial for the natural look. This makes your hair look like it grew naturally and no one would ever guess you had a procedure. Satisfied patients stated that FUT hair transplant is the best way to treat men bald patterns and they highly recommend it.

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FUT hair transplant procedure will give you the hair you have been dreaming of. The safest and best hair transplant technique will, however, cost you some money. For all the possible benefits of this hair transplant you should consult and experienced doctor. Choosing the doctor who will conduct this procedure is another crucial factor for the success of it. Make sure you find the right person who can deliver best result using this advanced technique for hair transplanting. Say goodbye to bald patterns and hair loss, finally!

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