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When we describe a Hair Transplant as a life-changing procedure, we are not exaggerating.Because our no-fuss procedures will not only radically change your physical appearance for the better, but it will give you something back that’s just as important as your hair – your confidence.We know that seeing your forehead expanding or simply worrying about how that bald patch is starting to look, it is a genuine concern.But it is a concern we at FUE Hair Transplant Clinics can address, thanks to our pioneering approach.


A FUE Hair Transplantprocedure consists of 2 parts:

1. Extraction (removing the follicles from the donor area one by one) - this part is different from the FUT (Strip) method, where the follicles are being extracted all together in the form of a Strip

2. Implantation(inserting the follicles at the balding area one by one) - this part is exactly the same as in the FUT (Strip) method, where thefolliclesare also being implanted one by one (after having been separated from the Strip)

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Local anaesthetic is applied during extraction and implantation, thus the actual hair transplant procedure is pain-free (always depending on someone’s sensitivity).

The individual follicles are extracted from the lower- and middle-portion of the back of the head, because that area islargely immune to DiHydroTestosterone (DHT), which is the ‘killer hair’ hormone. If needed, follicles are also extracted from the sides of the head (although this area is not as immune to DHT as the back).

The duration of a hair transplant proceduredepends on how many follicles we need to individually implant, the easiness of the extraction and the size of the area we need to cover.

Because follicles are extracted one by one, an FUE extraction method takes longer to complete than a Strip extraction, thus the overall duration of the hair transplant procedure will be even longer.

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The individual extraction method guarantees you won’t be left with linear scars or stitches and we know that’s vitally important if your chosen style will be a crew cut.The donor area usually heals within 2-4 days after your procedure.

But what are a few hours of your time when you could be enjoying a lifetime of amazing hair that will impress your colleagues and family members and most importantly, you?

Although thehair transplantprocedure is long, it does not mean itwill be boring! You can watch DVDs, use your smart phone to stay in touch with friends or play games, listen to music, sleep or enjoy a conversation with your surgeon and his team. And to ensure your comfort, there are regular bathroom, food and drinks breaks.

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