FUE Implantation

After the extraction, the follicles are vulnerable to dehydration. Moreover, if we do not store them properly and leave them exposed for a long time, the ongoing cell metabolism will cause 'self-poisoning' and will make them infertile for transplantation.

That’s why the way we handle the follicles, between extraction and implantation, is very important and we constantly keep them in a special solution, which corresponds to the environment of the human body.

In addition, and in order to guarantee an additional factor for lasting results, we are keeping the follicles moist while we are cleaning them under the microscope.

After been treated, the follicles now ready to be implanted, complete with their sebaceous glands and nerves.

The final step will be to make tiny incisions and insert the follicles one by one andat an angle to mimic that of the original hair,in order to achieve anatural resultwhich suits you age and face features.

Depending on the area, quality of hair, easiness of extraction, etc., we can implant 70 - 200 hairs per cm².

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