FUT hair restoration: What makes it a better choice?

FUT hair restoration: What makes it a better choice?

If you are thinking of undergoing knife to reclaim your looks, FUT Hair restoration could be the best option and here is why ...

FUT hair restoration or Follicular Unit Transplantation is a hair restoration technique in which a donor’s follicular units containing a maximum of 4 hair strands, sebaceous glands and small muscle portions are individually grafted into the receiver’s scalp.

Unlike other hair restoration procedures, it offers you an advantage of having nature-identical hair. The transplanted hair looks and feels so natural that people won’t be able to differentiate it from the natural hair.

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What are the advantages of FUT Hair restoration?

The first and foremost advantage of FUT Hair Restoration over other restoration procedures is that it allows a more natural look and feel that last longer. In addition, there are some other factors which make it a better choice, such as:

- FUT hair restoration costs you less than another similar technique called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

- The follicular units are evenly transplanted into the receiver’s scalp, thus ensuring uniform hair distribution over the scalp.


- With this FUT hair restoration, your surgeon can perform a greater number of grafts in each session. This would allow shorter duration of the whole procedure and consequently, more rapid recovery.

After analyzing all the available hair restoration techniques, FUT Hair restoration appears to have an edge over its counterparts. Nonetheless, a surgical procedure warrants a common decision coming from collaborative efforts of the beneficiary and concerned experts.

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