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Do you suffer from permanent hair loss, but have not taken the step to see a professional? Perhaps you may have thought of a restorative procedure, but have been very busy to schedule a consultation in ourBirmingham clinic. Or maybe you’re curious about the possible benefits of an FUE or an FUT hair transplant, but feel uncomfortable to visit our premises in Birmingham.

It’s often unsettling to visit a clinic or office of a doctor. That’s why we atBirmingham FUE Hair Transplant Clinicsgo to great extent to put you at ease. When you arrive at our consultation clinic in Birmingham, you’ll be welcomed by a lovely client team.

After filling out some forms, we will escort you to meet our Managing Director Michael Psaltakis in our clinic in Birmingham. Why?

Michael has gone through a Hair Transplant himself and has been in your shoes, therefore besides offering you all the facts, he’ll also show you all the pictures during and soon after a hair transplant procedure, not only the 'Before’ and the final 'After’ pictures. For all those reasons, it’s no surprise that Michael Psaltakis has been our front man and walking advertisement for the FUE Hair Transplant Clinics.

During your private consultation in ourBirmingham clinic, Michael Psaltakis will evaluate your hair loss, thoroughly analysing and reviewing your medical history. His top priority is to uncover the correct diagnosis for your hair loss. For people with booked calendars and/or who want a private consultation, Michael Psaltakis provides the discretion and convenience of a special consultation.

Once our consultant has ruled out any severe illness, he can then present the different advanced cosmetic solutions available to address baldness today. After discussing your goals and aesthetic concerns, Michael Psaltakis will recommend the best, personalized treatment plan for your own case.

By simultaneously focusing on both the replacement of bald parts and the management of hair loss, Michael Psaltakis strikes a delicate balance between surgical enhancement and preventative measures. He will only recommend you to progress with a procedure if he thinks the results will be great.

As a result, he offers a comprehensive, achievable plan of action. During your conversation, Michael Psaltakis will encourage you to ask any questions you’ve about the FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures as they arise.

His objective is to ensure that you understand the hair loss cycle, and what’s happening in your specific case; he believes that once you’re informed, you can feel very confident about your choice to pursue permanent hair transplant.

Once you’re satisfied that you understand the whole process and all of your questions have been answered well, you’ll be introduced to our Birmingham clinic coordinator who’ll offer you a price estimate for your procedure and even go over it with you.

You may require more time to consider your choice, or you may need to talk about the financing. There’ll be no pressure to schedule. If you desire to go ahead at this time and schedule your hair transplant procedure, our coordinator will assist you in every way.

Why Should A Board Certified Surgeon Perform The Hair Transplant?

Many fundamental principles in hair transplantation must be followed to ensure the success of the micrograft procedure. The tissue must be handled gently. Hair follicles are very susceptible to low amounts of trauma; therefore, dissection and implantation must be carried out very carefully.

Dehydration of follicles is one of the major causes of graft failure; therefore, the follicular units must be kept moist in a special liquid to avoid drying out. Low temperature prolongs the interval between the removal of follicles and implanting them.

Keeping the follicles extremely cool further, raises the rate of success. The scalp, though richly supplied with the blood vessels and usually resilient, isn’t immune to trauma. Attempting to pack follicles very densely into a tiny space can cause the inadvertent injury to the nearby hair follicles.

It can compromise the blood flow in the scalp, thus defeating the goal of the procedure. Claims of 2000-3000 grafts implanted in one session sound good, but they don’t take into account the post-operative problems that may result from implanting very many grafts at once.

This is where our experienced surgeons come into play. Remember that every patient is unique, and a careful surgical procedure; eye combined with expertise and knowledge is of the greatest importance.

The best way to determine if the hair transplant is right for you is to talk to an experienced Consultant inour clinic in Birmingham. Our friendly and supportive team is more than happy to help you every step of the way.

How To Arrange A Consultation In Our Birmingham Clinic

You can simply email us or fill up a form to set a consultation with our Managing Director, Michael Psaltakis at our clinic in43 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LS. All the crucial questions that you’ve will be answered comprehensively by our consultant.

You can email or call us on 08448159338.

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