Hair Tips for African-American Women

African-American hair has a unique texture and appearance that makes it beautiful and noteworthy. Taking care of your hair, whether it is natural, braided, or relaxed, doesn't have to be difficult. With the right techniques, it's easy to keep your hair healthy, strong, shiny, and gorgeous.

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Washing your Hair

One incredibly important thing to keep in mind when taking care of African-American hair is keeping the hair moisturized. This means that the hair should be washed infrequently, once every one or two weeks for the best results. If washed too often, African-American hair can grow dry and brittle. This is because washing hair too often can strip away the hair's natural oils and moisture. When washing hair, make sure to use the right shampoo and conditioner. The best products are the ones specifically made for African-American hair, but if you can't find any ethnic products, use shampoos and conditioners that are extra moisturizing. When applying shampoo, try to keep the product on the scalp and avoid scrubbing it into the ends of the hair. Also, make sure to use ample amounts of conditioner. Start applying conditioner to the tips of your hair, which typically require the most moisture, and work your way up towards the scalp. Don't apply conditioner to the scalp, because it can make your hair look greasy. Leave the conditioner in your hair for at least 2 minutes before rinsing it out. While waiting, consider using a wide-toothed comb to de-tangle your hair while it is saturated with conditioner.

Styling your Hair

Do your best to use products specifically made for styling African-American hair. These products are gentler and will usually avoid leaving residue in your hair that will make it look greasy. Also, avoid brushes and use wide-toothed combs to get tangles out of your hair. Start combing your hair near the ends, and not at the roots. Be gentle, and don't comb your hair too often. Excessive combing can break your hair or damage it. Try and use your fingers to de-tangle hair as often as possible. Consider applying natural oils, like Almond oil, to the ends of your hair to keep it healthy. Avoid applying oil to the scalp, as it can make your hair appear greasy.

Using Heat on your Hair

Using flat irons or curling irons on your hair can be very damaging, but sometimes you have to use them. Ceramic flat irons will do less damage to your hair than metal flat irons. To avoid damaging your hair with these products, use the lowest heat setting and spray your hair with heat protector, making sure that the ends are covered extremely well, as heat will be the most damaging to the ends of your hair.

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Dealing with Split Ends

If you notice that you have split ends, trim them as quickly as possible. When left alone for too long, split ends can be very damaging and eventually lead to breakage. Some products are meant to seal split ends, but they should only be used as a temporary fix. Trimming the hair is better for you in the long run.

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