Hair Transplant For Female Hair Loss

For nearly 90% of bald men, a hair transplant is the best option for a full head of hair. But for women, it’s a different case.

That’s because not all women suffer the type of hair loss that would make them suitable for a transplant. Most women suffer from Diffuse Hair Loss – an overall thinning including the back and sides of the head. And it’s these areas in men that are used to remove follicles to transplant into in bald patches.

In Female Pattern Baldness, we have to make sure that the donor areas is reliable and not affected by the follicle-killing DHT hormone. At FUE Hair Transplant Clinics, we would never try to encourage you to take hairs from an unstable donor area and transplant them elsewhere, because the chances are that they will just going to fall out again.

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The frontal hairline is another difference between Male and Female Pattern Baldness. Women often keep theirs so they don't have to worry about framing their face. They are instead more concerned about the loss of volume from the top and back. Thus, we need to remember that a Hair Transplant can only increase the volume in the specific area we are working on, since we are just moving hair from one place to another.

A lot of women make good candidates for a Hair Transplant, especially if they:

1. Suffered hair loss due to Traction Alopecia which is non-hormonal

2. Had previous cosmetic or plastic surgery and are concerned about hair loss around the incision sites

3. have a distinct pattern of baldness, much like Male Pattern Baldness. This includes, hairline recession, vertex thinning, and a donor area that isn’t affected by Androgenetic Alopecia

4. Have lost hair because of a trauma, such as burns or scarring from accidents and chemical burns

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At FUE Hair Transplant Clinics, we would never encourage you to have a hair transplant if we are not certain that you will have a good result.

Please do not hesitate tocontact uswith any questions you many have.

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