Hair Transplant Procedure in Birmingham

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Hair Transplant in Birmingham

Hair transplant in Birmingham is very common, especially for the old men who generally get bald heads or general loss of hair. There are a number of hospitals in the region that would provide cheap and quality hair transplant services ranging from FUE to FUT hair transplant methods. You will also be able to get world class hair transplant clinics in Birmingham, where there are professionally trained surgeons for the hair treatment services. Being a centrally located city, there are plenty of links to professionals all around the U.K.

Types of Hair Transplants

There are usually different types of hair transplants that are offered in the clinics and hospitals, and depending on your condition, you can be able to get the best condition for your treatment. These transplants are as follows;

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FUT Hair Transplant:

Also known as the Follicle Unit Transplant, it is the type of hair transplant that involves grafting of hair follicles from head sections with most hair to the bald areas of the head where they are transplanted to ensure uniform growth on all parts of the head. It is most effective for persons who have plenty of hair on sections of the head. In this kind of transplant, the doctors will be able to get a larger procedure of getting more grafts at a single time. It also gives customers more convenience as well as having better economic benefits as it produces more hair within a shorter time. However, the hair might not grow and develop as fast as expected.


- Since this procedure is done under local anesthesia, you may not feel any pain during the operation as the client, apart from probably just some slight discomfort.

- The hair that is transplanted in the operation will grow just within a few weeks and look completely natural.


- Scars may be quite visible in the FUT method of hair transplant.

- It is quite a costly method as compared to other means and also invasive on the hair as compared to

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FUE Hair Transplant

Commonly known as the Follicle Unit Extraction is a popular method of removing donor hair for transplantation where the hair would be extracted from sections of hair in order to be grafted to sections with little or no hair at all. The hair transplant procedure is effective for people with either bald sections of the head or just shortage of the hair on certain parts of the head. Either way, it may be a bit of a painful procedure as compared to the FUT method of transplant, but hair grows quicker on the FUE method of hair transplant. It would involve a number of stages, where the first stage would involve the extraction of the hair and the final stage would involve grafting of the hair to parts without the hair. It is also a great method for producing significant results.


- Very effective methods of producing hair where there is little or no hair

- Patients may experience some kinds of discomfort during the procedure, but it, however, takes a shorter time to heal

- Wider means of getting hair; through extraction of individual follicles.


- Lower quality of the hair follicles: You will have a lower graft quality of the hair follicles since they have a greater risk of being impaired, especially when it comes to implantation as there is no protective dermis or fat.

- Takes a longer time: Since it involves extraction of single hairs, it will definitely take a longer time, even up to 2 days, which also affects the pricing.

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