Harley Street- The Street of Hope in the Medical and Surgery World

As the saying goes every man has a story to tell, so is Harley Street.It could be compared to the growth of an individual from childhood to the point of maturity. If you are wondering How Harley street compares to an individual’s growth then pay attention to what follows in this piece of literature.

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A city that flourishes in the medical and surgery world, Harley Street is like a flower, which does not shed its beauty and remains a notable street since the 1900 to date. It is located in central London.

1948 saw the period of complete revolution for this street. This year saw the establishment of Queens Girls College girls’ college. It is also famous for one celebrity who operated on king of Brussels to remove kidney stones, Sir Henry Thompson.

In addition, the street has continued to grow in terms of accommodating the medical industry, in fact if you may, you can call it the street of medicine since this is the major specialization in this street since time immemorial.

The street is internationally recognized as the home of cosmetic surgery with practitioners in various cosmetic surgeries and cancer treatments being located in this street. Most of these cosmetic practitioners mostly deal in Liposuction, Laser Hair Removal and Botox & Fillers.

It is estimated that this street has a number of medical practitioners averaging to 1500. In fact, this street w you will find just the kind of doctor that you have been looking for, to no avail in most cities.

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The street has grown from a small medical street, has been natured by its residence and watered through educational and technological advancement of the doctors living here and finally it has matured to one of the most recognized street in the world. The street not only holds many private clinics practitioners but also is a street that gives hope to those who have lost hope, beauty to those who need cosmetic surgery and confidence to those who feel that they lack something unique about their physical appearance.

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