How efficient is hair transplant these days?

Hair transplant is a surgical technique used for moving hair follicles from one part of the body to another mostly efficient for treating male pattern baldness. Men's hair loss increases year by year, especially after they reach 30s. Since that is not aesthetically pleasing, many people search for solutions that will bring their hair back or slow down the process. That is exactly where companies see an opportunity to raise their income by offering false hope to those who need these solutions. They will throw tons of commercials at people convincing them how their product or surgery will give them thick, movie star hair. Unfortunately, many people fall for these "scams". Even though hair transplant works in some ways, it is not as efficient as those commercials will make you think.

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So, how beneficial hair transplant really is, you may ask? This depends on your hair type since individually, people cannot compare their hair to someone else's. If your hair is thin and has always been that way, transplanting it will not make it thicker in any way. Bare in mind that in order to transplant hair follicles to the part of the head that needs them, you need to take them from another part. This will make your hair significantly thinner as well. Hair transplant efficiency also depends on what stage your hair loss process is in. If you have waited too long, the process will be less beneficial. If your hair follicles have been dormant for 4 to 7 years or more, you will less likely get the results you are looking for.

However, getting a hair transplant procedure when you just start losing hair is not recommended either. Doctors recommend getting the surgery only after the hair loss process is finished. That way, you wont be losing your hair again after the procedure. That would lead to a number of procedures which can cost a fortune. These procedures are not permanent either. The hair that is transplanted will age as well, causing it to fall out eventually. Hair transplants can be a permanent solution for the issue, if you are lucky enough to get good results. To know if your procedure will be a success, you need to consult with an experienced surgeon.

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To top it all of, it is important to mention that hair transplant has some undesired side effects as well. Those include bleeding, swollen scalp, infections, bruising around the eyes, itching and numbness. During the procedure doctors use hair loss drugs which can in some cases cause hair to grow on other parts of the body as well as cause various irritations. To avoid this, make sure you find a good doctor who is known for his previous successful work. In conclusion, hair transplant can be an efficient temporary hair loss solution but is not promised to give you permanent results. Depending on your hair type and the stage of your hair loss process, you will need to decide whether this is a good idea for you, both aesthetically and financially.

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