How often should Afro hair be washed?

There is no fixed practice of how often should Afro Hair be washed. It is important to understand why and when to wash your hair. The main reason to wash the hair is to keep them clean from dirt and surplus oil. You may also need to wash your hair to give them different styles. The washing of hair varies from person to person depending upon his or her needs.

The persons having short or oily Afro hair may need a daily or on alternate days to wash their hair. Similarly, persons having jobs which require physical activity or exercises due to which dirt may accumulate in their hair or due to any medical advice like dandruff control, the persons have to wash their curly hair on the same schedule.

Daily hair washing will rinse the oil from hair along with dirt. Oil protects your hair from breaking and moisture loss. The players of swimming also need daily hair wash after getting out of chlorinated water whereas; other players may only wash their hair with water to clean them from sweat. As a precautionary measure, persons having non-oily hair may shampoo them alternatively with co-washing. Also the persons
having long hair may twist them to avoid sweat contact while washing or doing any physical activity.

The Afro hair washing weekly cycle is the trendiest one. It is the time when you start feeling your hair dry and also suits the enough time in cleaning them properly on weekends. Normally Afro hair has less tendency of being oily as a result fewer chances of dirt accumulation in hair. The need to get your hair wash also reduces. For all those people who are having excessive physical activities may wash their hair with water to get rid of sweat and continue weekly washing their hair with a shampoo and conditioner.

For medium and long non-oily Afro hair, it suits to wash them fortnightly. It is a misconception that no washing of hair at least in a week is unhealthy and unhygienic. Actually, this is not true. The washing cycle must be calculated by knowing how much your hair gathers oil or dust. The long hair needs less washing as it takes longer to reach the sebum produced in the roots of the hair to the end of the hair. If you live in a clean town or area with clean atmosphere, the chances of dirt accumulation are less, therefore less need of hair wash. It is also notable that less you have oil in hair will result in less amount of dirt gathering in your hair.

You should not allow your hair to remain dry. There is no harm in getting your hair wet as many times as you wish. If you feel less softness in your hair, than you may co-wash your hair between regular hair-wash.

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The Afro Hair need extra care in its maintenance due to its curliness. It takes a little longer time to wash as they are thick and have curls and may easily accumulate dirt in it. You must be careful in washing them as and when needed because you are the best person to judge the condition of your hair.

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