How to bring life back to dry, damaged, curly afro hair

Having some great looking afro hair is a beautiful thing. Or is it not? If you are looking to know the best methods to bring life back to dry, damaged, curly afro hairs, then you are in the right place. At times, you stand in front of the mirror, and all you can see is bad looking hair. Years of blow-drying, wrong products, or even coloring might leave you with hair you are not proud with, but you are not alone. Improving your hair takes the right tools and time. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, or curly, we have curated several tips to help keep it healthy and looking beautiful.

Damaged hair

Learning how to treat damaged hair has more to do with behavioral change. You can alternate drying your hair in the open air and using a dryer. It gives your fried hair a break. If you straighten your hair using a straightener every week, you can skip a few days to give the hair some rest. Getting a good haircut can help too. It gives the hair some rest and helps get rid of the mop of split ends.

Using nourishing oil is another treatment method. If you have damaged hair, you can consider including hair oil in your daily routine. However, you should be careful with the products that you are using. Some of them can end up damaging the air even more. Do a proper research on the hair oil you want to use.

Dry Hair

Apart from looking sad, dry hair is more likely to split or break. Mostly, dry hair is because of dehydration. Products meant to moisturize strands can help bring a new life to your hair. You should use sulfate free shampoo at first then a hydrating conditioner as you continue with your new routine. If the shine that you want delays, use hot oil. The fatty acids in hot oil can help your dry hair breath a new life. Using restorative masks can also leave your dry hair looking shiny and smooth.

Curly Hair

If you have curly afro hair and you want to change, then you might consider following the “Less is more" advice. After washing your hair with shampoo and hydrating it, styling it while it is wet will help. If you have to blow-dry it, use a diffuser. In addition, avoiding rubbing your curly afro hair with a towel after a shower or using hair products with high concentration of alcohol, they will worsen the situation.

Using the right hair care also helps with this situation. People with curly hair should avoid keeping a dry hair as well. These two are the enemies of each other. However, what is the reason? Because of the shape of the curly hair, the natural oils of the scalp have more trouble moving down the hair shaft than for those with straight hair, meaning curly hair will be dry and lose its curl definition.

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The good news is rehydrating your curls easy. It might sound ridiculous at first, but the number of people who forget that using hair care designed for curly hair saves them all the trouble will surprise you.

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