How To Care For Afro American Hair

The entire African American population can not be labeled as having the same same type of hair,however, African Americans definitely share the general characteristics of having naturally drier, more elastic, more fragile and the slower growing hair compared to Caucasians and Asians, For the best results in caring for this hair, it is important to be enlightened on a few tips on the same.

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Firstly, Afro American hair needs to be shampooed regularly. A period of 7-10 days is highly recommended for washing this kind of hair. This is aimed at eradicating bacteria that may grow on the scalp and also avert the accumulation of hair products that can easily cause dry hair. To counter the drying effect that may come with frequent washing, one may consider using a normal hair moisturizing shampoo and a conditioner after washing.

another care tip relates to preventing hair breakage. While styling by way of chemicals and heat is common with this type of hair, it is detrimental especially to curly textured hair and it leaves the hair dry and fragile. To avoid this, silicone products that help seal against drying effects of heat and against moisture loss are a befitting consideration. Yet another way to keep such hair hydrated is covering with a satin scarf when sleeping to prevent the pillow from sapping hair moisture. In addition to this, penetrating conditioners are preferable to greasy conditioners that are a cause of blocked scalp pores.

A receding hairline can be a big problem with Afro American hair. Hair loss is attributed to among others causes: health conditions, hormonal change or genetic formation. Braids have also been a major contributor to this problem due to the tight handling of hair that comes along with them. Tight braids and weaves therefore imply possible damage to the hair. Any signs of thinning should be quickly addressed to a qualified dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment of possible hair loss.

When pressing African American hair, be careful only to use a device with controllable heat capabilities. The temperature level needed should be determined by the coarseness and thickness of the individual's hair. Straightening must also be limited to only once a week to prevent unwanted thermal effects on hair,While brow-drying,it is important to consider using a ceramic comb attachment for best results. Also it is highly advisable that someone with wet hair sits under a dryer before straightening, to reduce excessive pulling that damages hair.

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A well done weave is also a key way of caring for Afro American hair. One, it saves you the trouble of hair straightening every other week, not to mention that it is a protection of the natural hair underneath from exposure to weather elements. Weaves should however not be glued in but instead be sewn to prevent possible hair loss when time for removal comes. Loose weaves are to be avoided by all means and be tightened during regular checks at the salon to prevent pulling of hair. It is highly recommended that a fresh weave be sewn after 1-3 months and a break be taken after a few sequential weaves

Caring for Afro American hair has definitely been made easier.

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