How to help healing after a FUT transplant

Every surgical procedure needs post operative care and FUT is no exception. If you take some simple precautions and follow instructions given by your surgeon, healing after FUT should be a smooth affair.What are these precautions? Some important ones are detailed below:

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Immediate care:

*For the night of surgery and for one or two nights thereafter, try to sleep with the head in an elevated position. You can do this by taking an extra pillow or using a recliner chair.

*There can be some soreness and pain in the scalp once the effect of local anesthesia wears off. You may need to take pills prescribed by your doctor to reduce this discomfort while the tissues are healing.

Care during the week following the procedure:

*The hair band can be removed the day after the procedure. *The scalp can be shampooed. However, it is important to do this gently till such time as healing is complete. This usually takes 7 to 10 days.*Alcohol should not be consumed for at least 3 days after having FUT procedure.*Smoking is to be avoided.*Exposure of scalp to harsh sunlight should also be avoided. If it becomes necessary to go out in the sun, care should be taken to protect the scalp with appropriate head gear or applying sunscreen lotion.

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Care during the 2nd week after the procedure:

*Healing should be complete during this phase. So, normal daily activities can be resumed. Strenuous physical activity is best postponed for a few more weeks.*Normal brushing and hair care can be resumed during this period. Once healing is complete, the transplanted hair is lodged firmly and behaves like normal hair. Growth of the new hair, however takes some more time.

Things to avoid:In the first few weeks after the procedure, care should be taken to avoid certain things:*Activities which can cause excessive sweating, such as vigorous exercise should be avoided. Sweating can lead to infection, hampering the healing process.*Avoid smoking as this can reduce blood flow to the hair follicles and interfere with good results. *Avoid too much bending.*Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

Simple precautions such as these will help better healing after FUT procedure and ensure patient satisfaction.

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