Is A Hair Transplant Abroad Worth It?

????Over the years, medical tourism has fast gained popularity, with many patients seeking alternatives to medical procedures abroad for various reasons. This is no different when it comes to the hair transplant industry. Many patients are now seeking to get a hair transplant abroad for reasons ranging from cutting costs to accessing doctors who may be seemingly more experienced.

Hair transplants abroad

In as much as there could be some advantages to getting a hair transplant abroad, there are a few reasons why patients should avoid getting this specific type of procedure done away from home. Firstly, when getting this kind of procedure done abroad, you can never be too sure of the qualifications of the doctor handling your procedure and you have no way of verifying the authenticity of their qualifications.

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There are quite a few cases of patients who have traveled abroad for various medical procedures only to get treated by impostor doctors looking to make some quick money.

Another reason why it could be quite dangerous to get a hair transplant abroad is that it may be difficult to get the proper post procedure care and follow up that you will need, obviously because your doctor is so far away. It therefore makes most sense to get the procedure done in a place that you will have easy access to your doctor for follow up and they can make sure that everything is going according to plan. Also, in the event of any issues, they would be able to notice in good time and provide the appropriate remedies and interventions.

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Many patients try to seek to have their hair transplant abroad in a bid to save money. However, cheap can quite often turn out to be expensive. In as much as the procedure itself may cost less, you would still have to consider the cost of getting flights and accommodation for not only yourself, but also for anyone who may accompany you for the procedure as it is not advisable to travel to a foreign country for a medical procedure alone. The cheap procedure may also end up costing you more in case you get a quack doctor who administers the procedure incorrectly, causing complications that may need further follow up and procedures to remedy.

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