Latest butt kicking afro hair trends for women

In 2017, people are resorting to trouble-free hairstyles that aren't so extreme. Hairstyles that are not a task yet classy. Salons and synthetic hair factories have also gotten trendy by introducing new wigs that are full of volume and drama. There are fresh steps on braids and new color suggestions. From charming textures to wild and free afros, here are the latest afro hair trends for women.


Bantu knots

Bantu knots originated in West Africa but girls across the globe are rocking them like crazy. They are twisted into funnels and can be made out of any hair, short, long or curly although long hair brings them out better since they add volume to the knots. Just like any short hairstyle, Bantu knots require bold beautiful makeup and accessories in order to stand out.

Goddess braids

These bold big braids have lasted on the trend chart longer than we expected. They start little at the front and graduate to a bigger size as they continue backward. The goddess braids are mostly being braided in knots of 2 or 3. They are cheap to make except that they don’t last that long. Usually, very nice looking ones that have gel on the sides will last for a week but If you stretch them with good care, 2 weeks. Goddess braids make anyone look young and innocent yet classy.

Long big twisted braids

Long big twisted braids are a butt kicker. Girls have gone wild with them. They twist them in different colors and then let them fall on their backs. They look awesome on any outfit and they can even be styled into a perfect hair do for a bride.

Asymmetric hair cuts

Lupita Nyongo is the queen of asymmetric haircuts. Lupita's asymmetric cut reminds every black person living away from Africa or that have never been to Africa that this is how their relatives look. We could go all day discussing Lupita’s head but these two hair styles she wore at awards created a trend that is still going Here they are;

Short asymmetric hair cut: This hairstyle is what Lupita wore on her first appearance on the red carpet in 2014. She looked no different than a beautiful village girl deep in the African woods collecting fire wood.

Short curly edges: Another Lupita hairstyle that is still trending is the simple short curly look. The hair is given an almost unnoticeable cut on the sides and a slightly little volume in the middle. Curly hairstyles have long defined black hair. They still do and yes you should rock them.

Big volume afro

It seems the big afro is here to stay. This volume chunk hair was mostly won in the 60’s and 70’s but even now it stands out. Stylists have added in some ideas to make the style even classier. What happens now is that stylists use synthetic wigs to define bolder curls and add volume. Afro that falls to the shoulders is one way to go. Stylish ladies are stepping out with the new age afro in daring colors like red, blond and a matt brown.

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