Major causes of hair loss in women and the role a hair transplant plays

Society judges that hair is one of the key aspects that define beauty in a woman and for women with strong and nourished hair they increase their attractiveness and healthy persona. In their daily life, women encounter a range of health problems that result to untimely hair loss. In the event of hair loss, women need to identify the root cause of such problems so that they can address them effectively. Here you will learn more about the causes of hair loss and the reasons you may need to undergo a hair transplant to recover your normal hair volume.

One of the medically proven causes of hair loss is inadequate intake of protein and iron. When the body is depleted of proteins, the hair lacks sufficient supply of the right diet which in return makes it to brittle and fall before time. As well, when a woman’s body does not get adequate supply of folic acid and iron, oxygen does not flow to the hair follicles as required which make you hair to break and weaken.

During pregnancy, some women tend to suffer from unexpected hair loss. Studies have linked with this the vast change in the body hormones. This may also result due to the kind of medications women take during pregnancy.

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Hair loss for woman can be a tremendous stress

Some women are believed to lose a huge volume of their hair when exposed to new environments or lots of stressing factors. Stress raises testosterone levels and inhibits flow of blood to your capillaries which in return reduce oxygen intake and proper nutrient absorption by the hair follicles. On the other hand, exposure to new environments like free radicals and UV rays leads to premature hair aging and loss.

Hair transplant is the ultimate solution to all of these problems. This amazing and trending hair restoration technology that entails extracting hair follicles from certain areas of your body and planting them on your chosen body part has proven itself to be safe, effective and very reliable. It is the most preferred and highly demand hair restoration technique available today.

Hair transplant comes in two key techniques which are follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. The first involves extracting bands of skin containing hair from the scalp and replanted to the select area while the second entails taking out single hair from the donor area and replanted on the area of interest.

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Follicular unit extraction is the most popular technique used for hair restoration today as it is safer and more effective.

The first key reason the two hair transplant techniques are the most suited for women suffering from hair loss is that they are very natural and safe. Both the part where the hair is extracted and the area where it is replanted are within your body. Thus, it will be a within-the-body hair restoration exercise which will have few to no side effects.

The second key reason hair transplant surgery is the ideal way to go when a woman wants to restore their lost hair is that it leaves no marks. Your hair before and after the hair transplant surgery will look exactly the same. Therefore, you do not have to worry about undergoing the surgery only for your hair to look dispersed and uneven after the surgery.

Hair transplant surgery does not result to painful or lasting wounds. In fact, the wounds sustained during the surgery will not be painful and will vanish within a period of several days.

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