Men and their beards through history

Although the oldest found shaver dating back tens of thousands of years ago, the beard is largely history indicating prestige. Supreme gods were always bearded, as well as other members of the divine family. Egyptian pharaohs were waxed the entire body, but are therefore, always appeared with artificial beards as the beard was an attribute of divinity. The exceptions are the gods of beauty and art, like the Greek Apollo, who is represented by beardless. Prometheus, the greatest friend of mankind and the sworn enemy of the gods, also wore a beard.

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In ancient Greece, beard was highly appreciated. Greece aristocrats cherished the cult beard as a symbol of male maturity. Romans, however, as we remember were beardless. For them, shaving beards and cutting the hair were an achievement of civilization. Alexander the Great's contribution to European culture was that he ordered his soldiers to shave the beard. Since then, the military forces of all states, except in rare cases, sticking to the rules of regular shaving. The guerrillas from Che over Castro and Hemingway to the Taliban, are exempt from this rule.

Throughout the history of mankind always thought that beard gave people a special meaning and dignity, as the beard was a symbol of masculinity. Therefore, any significant people in old age are usually portrayed with a beard. At one time, it was classy that men grow a beard. Long before the Norman conquest of England, the men did not let his beard because it is considered that it is not modern. Then the fashion changed, and they have accepted it again.

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English kings, who provided tons of men's fashion, had a different taste and in terms of wearing the beard. For example, Henri II was not wearing a beard. Richard II was carrying a small, but Henri III big beard. By the mid-13th century, most people had a rich and curly beard, which has become quite common in the 14th century. During the 15th century, beards were vanished, then again, back in fashion in the early 16th century, and thanks to Henry VIII.

Some of the most famous bearded people are ZZ Top, Lenin, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris and many others.

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