Michael Psaltakis

n the world of hair restoration, there is one man’s word you can trust above all others – our Managing Director Michael Psaltakis. Why? For 3 reasons. Firstly,

Michael can explain step by step how the hair transplant procedure is performed, since he is qualified to perform it. Secondly – he has a wealth of coaching and positive psychology experience and can support you through your journey. And thirdly – he has undergone a Hair Transplant himself and has been in your shoes, thus besides giving you all the facts, he will also show to you all the pictures during and immediately after a hair transplant procedure, not just the ‘Before’ and the final ‘After’ pictures. For all those reasons, it is no surprise that Michael has been our front man and walking advertisement for FUE Hair Clinics©.

After noticing in his late 30s that his hair loss was getting worse, Michael investigated for years every possible method of trying to save it, but he soon realized a Hair Transplant was the only effective and permanent solution. Delighted with the results, entrepreneurial Michael saw there was a way he could help other men in his position and realized there was a gap in the market when it came to offering knowledge, empathy and treatment. He was so passionate about hair loss and hair transplant that he left his prestigious career as a senior international executive at Unilever and became a trichologist – an expert in the study of hair and the scalp.

It was no long before he opened the first FUE Hair Clinics© at number 22 in London’s prestigious Harley Street. Having had many years of coaching and positive psychology experience he was able to understand our client needs and expectations, and it was not long before Michael’s risk paid off, Soon, FUE Hair Clinics© and its team of talented, well-qualified staff and surgeons became one of the most respected hair transplant clinics in Europe. And it has hundreds of clients who are happy to testify to how their lives have been transformed through FUE Hair Clinic©’s pioneering research, development and treatment.

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