The Causes Of Hair Loss With Afro-Caribbean Men

Just like men of any other ethnicity, Afro-Caribbean men suffer hair loss as well. However, certain conditions are more common among those of African-American or Afro-Caribbean descent.

Based on traditional hair styles, one needs to pull his hair tightly into braids in order to create patterns like corn rows. Due to continuous tugging at the hair roots, follicles are constantly damaged causing them to shrink and cannot hold the hair shaft.

Today, we will look at some of the major causes of hair loss in Afro-Caribbean Men. Without further ado, let’s start looking at those causes:

1. Genetic Predisposition

Genetic predisposition which is inherited is the general cause of male pattern hair loss. DHT, the male hormone increases the sensitivity of hair follicles and cause them to shrink. As a result, the hair follicles can’t hold the hair that becomes thinner and eventually falls out.

Starting from the front hair line, hair usually recede until the crown of the head is bald. Therefore, it forms a horseshoe shape since the hair around the back and sides are still growing and aren’t affected.

2. Use Of Weaves And Extensions

Some hair styles can also use extensions or weaves that cause wear and tear on natural hair and even pull the hair follicles. Although it isn’t common nowadays, the use of hair pieces and bonding are still considered in Afro-Caribbean hairstyles and damages not only the hair but also the scalp.

Any skin irritation affecting the scalp can easily cause dandruff and in worse scenarios, it causes red itchy patches and tenderness. As a result, it damages the hair follicles until they shrink and eventually die. Often, folliculitis, a bacterial infection in ingrowing hair and hair follicles can be the cause of this.

The hair follicles become inflamed, and if not treated, it damages the scalp stopping further growth of hair.

3. General Poor Health

Another major cause of hair loss in Afro-Caribbean men can be poor general health, medication, stress and poor diet. If living in the tropical environment, the heat from the sun can harm the scalp thus leaving it dry and itchy.

This will damage the hair follicles that ultimately halt the production of hair or grow only short stubs of hair.

Hair problems usually have similar causes irrespective of the creed, colour or race of an individual. Traditional headwear and dress can stop a full head of hair from growing since it can damage hair follicles.

Additionally, the poor diet can cause hair loss in Afro-Caribbean men since the scalps need to obtain the right nutrients for the hair follicles to remain healthy.

This hair breaks more easily than any other types of hair since there’s low amount of moisture in the hair and the real structure of hair shaft is known to be more delicate.


The hair care industry produces hair conditioners and shampoos particularly designed to help in the management of Afro-Caribbean hair, considering dryer hair shafts, thicker and more brittle frizzy hair.

Application of essential oil on the scalp and through the hair will assist since the skin can absorb this oil and significantly benefit the hair follicles down to the hair shafts. With high expertise available today, all types of hair can be managed.

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