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At some stage in one's life, particularly with men, a person will become aware of the high risk of hair loss and the potential problem of baldness. Male patterned baldness is a genetic defect that stems from the mother's side. Those suffering from premature hair loss will have begun researching for solutions on the internet and have possibly gone as far as visiting their GP to gain some advice or information on any miracle cures! The fact remains that there is no real miracle medical cure.

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No matter how many websites promise instant results or low-cost treatments from their products, any shampoos that promise full hair growth within days is most likely to be a placebo effect. Most people will have guessed that even herbal remedies that often promise the same sorts of results will not live up to its label. The problem with a genetic trait such as this one, there is no reversing the effects once it has started. One proven and effective method of treating hair loss is hair transplant surgery.

This is a procedure that was made famous by celebrities, who claimed to have had the procedure done and found the results to be most satisfactory. This does not pretend to be a miracle cure as such but has had some positive feedback for providing an improvement to the person's current situation. However, one should never embark on having a procedure done until after having researched thoroughly of the advantages and disadvantages. The hair transplant procedure for people with Afro Caribbean Hairinvolves taking a strip of tissue which will contain follicles from the back of the head using a scalpel, after exercising the area to allow for blood flow.

This is transplanted to the affected area which is said to promote hair growth or create an improvement in the area. Identical twins can have their hair transplanted from one to the other. However, the dangers in this are that they may be at risk of rejection unless immune suppressant medication is prescribed - this will be a lifelong prescription, therefore, there is no going back. Men suffering from male-patterned-baldness will always have a wreath of surrounding hair located along the sides and the back of the head, as hair is harvested from this area for transplantation.

These areas are also genetically programmed to continue growing even if the individual is suffering from a severe case of male patterned baldness. Hair transplant as a whole is a way to improve the situation; however, there is no guarantee that the treated area will see a continued growth of hair as this hair appears to be inherently unstable. The same will apply to the area that the transplant has been taken from as this can produce the same amount of DHT (the hormone that causes the follicles on the top and front of the scalp to shrink and stop growing), as they would in the affected area.

For people considering a hair transplant, it would be advisable to speak to a fully trained and qualified medical professional from a reputable agency. Never opt for the first agency that you see, one must always do their research beforehand and read up on previous clients feedback. The more you know about the procedure, the risks involved and what to do after the procedure the better it will be for you as then you will become better in tune with your body. Some Women at first sight of losing their hair will instantly opt to have a hair transplant procedure.

A lot of us tend to group these procedures together as something that men have to do when they get older to fight male pattern baldness and receding hairlines from looking apparent to all of us. However, over the past fifteen years, baldness in women has begun to increase as a major problem amongst this sex. Many women are petrified when they begin to see their hair falling out without any explanation. How can women locate the best the hair transplant procedure for people with Afro Caribbean Hairfor them to help rectify this ailment?

Well, before treatment options can be analyzed you have to understand that a woman does not lose her hair in the same manner that a man does. Therefore, you will not be able to notice a receding hair line or the appearance of bald spots throughout a woman's head. Instead, you will simply see that the woman's hair has begun to thin out in a few places. Instead, many women tend to lose hair throughout their heads. Losing your hair is devastating for men to deal with but it is even more devastating for a woman to have to deal with.

Women form an attachment to their hair, and for the 20-40% of these individuals that begin to lose their hair, their self-confidence automatically plummets. There are several benefits that women will experience after having a hair replacement treatment performed. First of all, the individual will look better after the treatment has been concluded, and their confidence about themselves will come back. The best thing about these transplants is they can never be undone.

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Hair transplants are a permanent fix for any woman that has lost their hair. So, if you are a woman that is presently in the midst of losing their hair, be aware that there is a solution for your problem. The only disadvantage to the treatment is women who have rare hair conditions such as alopecia are not the proper candidates for this procedure to be performed on them. Alopecia causes the hair to escape from a woman's root, and the root quickly dies off, researchers and scholars have not been able to locate the best hair transplant method for people with this particular condition.

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