The most efficient hair transplant procedure

Several major causes of hair loss are pattern baldness, hair thinning and scalp injuries. Hair transplant procedures are common nowadays, and hair loss can successfully be restored. However, the outcomes do vary from person to person, but it is the best procedure to restore your hair.

For Long term results

There are multiple stages a Hair transplant surgery conducted. But immediately the process is done, it won’t be necessary to repeat the treatment. Thus makes this treatment type much cost efficient than any other available hair re-growth therapy. There is no need of applying a continuous medication to prolong the effects. The entire surgical transplant has lasting outcomes.

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For the Re-growth

The natural hair follicle of a patient usually relocated to the bald area. The follicle acts as natural hair follicle and then promotes the hair growth. It is not a short-term arrangement. Eventually, hair develops between three to six months of the transplant.

How the Hair Transplant Procedures works

These are simply standardized procedures whereby healthy hair follicles located at the back of the head transplanted to the areas supposed to be treated. Hair transplant applies for both female and male pattern baldness successfully. However, the criterion is that the healthy hair growth has to be at the back of the head. The thicker a growth, better the outcomes.

For you to understand this procedure, it is vital to know the two major methods of the hair transplant: FUT and FUE



Follicular (FUE) Unit Extraction is a process whereby a hair follicle is extracted independently at the back of the head, dissected under a powerful microscope and transplanted individually at the area purposed to be treated. Small incisions made at the donor and recipient area once the application of the local anesthetic and numbing cream, which ensure there is no pain or uneasiness might occur. Given that there are no scars or wounds, you will recover faster. The Eyebrows restoration, eyelash transplant, mustache transplant, sideburn and goatee transplant can be transplanted as well through FUE since many required grafts would be few.


Follicular (FUT) Unit transplant is a method whereby long thin strip tissues are eliminated at the back of the head. Before the grafts get prepared by a most-powered microscope, the tissues placed inside a holding solution. The preparations of the grafts are in the unit of 1, 2, 3&4 and transplanted the similar procedure to attain completely. Different from FUE, FUT is the quickest method whereby thousands of grafts transplanted in one session. Hence it applies perfectly for beard transplant and scalp transplant.

Most people have achieved successful outcomes through the hair transplant. You can be among them. However, you will have to follow the instruction provided by a hair transplant professional carefully and be available for multiple sessions.

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