What is eyebrow restoration? Does it work for men and women

Thinning eyebrows are often times not attractive and everyone who experiences the condition would love to correct it. Most women will completely shave them off and apply eye pencil in an effort to bring more expression and compliment their facial features. For some women, this works, for others, it doesn’t work quite well. For men, eye pencil is not an option and this is where eyebrow restoration comes in to play for both cases.

What Is Eyebrow Restoration?

This is a natural way of restoring hair on the thinned eyebrows. It simply involves the use of brow-like hair follicles found on the head and putting them on thinning areas of the eyebrows by means of surgery. The procedure takes around 3hrs and when perfectly done, the result is a pair of beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows.

Does it Work For Men and Women?

This procedure works for both men and women. It is actually for anyone, whether a man or a woman, who is experiencing thinned eyebrows as a result of over-plucking, old age, thyroid disorders, facial burns, injuries on the area, autoimmune problems, genetic conditions and so on. The ideal candidate for this procedure should not have any clotting or bleeding issues because that may result to added complications that can cause serious medical conditions. You can determine if eyebrow transplants are the best option by obtaining more information about the costs and the restoration treatments. This can only be done by consulting with a medical professional who provides such services within your location.

Full Or Partial Eyebrow Transplant

One can get an eyebrow transplant, depending on the extent of thinning. Patients can have from 30-300 hair follicles implanted for a single eyebrow. The doctor who does the transplant will decide after reviewing the condition of the eyebrows.

The Permanent Solution

There are short-term solutions to thinning eyebrows such as eye pencils, makeup, tattoos and in some instances even sticking hair with glue to create this full eyebrows impression. The short-term options are usually very expensive, they take a lot of time and the effect is often the opposite of beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows. Some short-term solutions have also been known to cause permanent damage to the hair follicles. Eyebrow restoration on the other hand is a natural and permanent solution to hair loss on the eyebrows. As long as no facial injuries or no medical conditions arise to affect the newly implanted hairs, the good result should be permanent.

Perfect brows
Recovery Time

Every patient who undergoes eyebrow hair transplant will start experiencing recovery on the first few days after the procedure. Unless the doctor used the absorbable stitches, the stitches can be removed within the first 2-3 weeks after the transplant. The newly transplanted hairs will at the beginning fall out because of the natural new hair that is probably growing.

The patient is also advised to prevent exposure to excessive sunlight during the first few days after the procedure. Gentle treatment and washing of the area is also advised during the few days after the procedure. After 3-6 months from, new eyebrow hair should be visible.

Eyebrow restoration is no doubt a permanent solution for thinning hair. To get the best results, patients should always go to experienced providers to avoid any mistakes.

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