What Is Finasteride And How It Works?

Finasteride is the only tablet to effectively treat Male Pattern Baldness. Studies over several years using millions of patients proved that it is safe and that it works long-term to stop hair loss for all men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Finasteride slows down hair loss and can also improve hair texture (thicker, healthier), but it does not grow new hair.

It works best for early to moderate degrees of hair loss, more over the crown of the scalp than re-growing a receding hairline. If your baldness is extensive, you’re not likely to see much benefit.

Side effects for a daily dosage of Finasteride 1 mg (commercially known as Propecia®) are uncommon. There are cases where men experience a loss of sex drive (libido). This is more likely to happen for men over 45. No one of our younger clients has experienced loss of sex drive while taking Finasteride, but again that might be a coincidence.

The good news is that if someone notices a loss of libido, he can stop taking it and his libido will be back. The bad news is that, by stopping it, the hair loss will continue within 6 to 12 months and you will eventually end up at the same point where you’d have been without the hair loss treatment. Finasteride is not available on the NHS, but it can be prescribed privately. Sometimes it’s used on its own, and other times in combination with a topical solution called Minoxidil.

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