What Is Minoxidil And How It Works?

Minoxidil is a topical solution that is applied directly to the scalp where you are losing your hair. It is moderately effective because it slows down hair loss but it doesn’t eliminate the reason behind it. Minoxidil can be helpful for some people with hair loss, particularly women, but it does not grow new hair. It works best if you’ve only recently started losing relatively small areas of hair due to pattern baldness. It’s more effective in central areas of the scalp than at the front.

Minoxidil usually needs to be used for several months before any effect is seen. Hair Loss will continue if treatment is stopped. There are no side effects, besides a potential redness. Minoxidil is not available on the NHS, but it can be prescribed privately (10% and 15% strength solutions) or bought over the counter as a 5% strength solution (commercially known as Regaine®). Sometimes it’s used on its own, and other times in combination with an orally-taken tablet called Finasteride.

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