What is the difference between hair loss and hair falling out?

Hair loss and hair falling out are often used to mean the same thing. However, hair loss and hair fall out are two distinct events. There are two scenarios that can be used to distinguish hair loss and hair fall out. In the first scenario, an individual loses large chunks of hair from his head or body resulting to baldness.

For a woman, this usually features the excessive loss of hair when combing, resulting to very little hair. In the second scenario, a few strands of hair get stuck on the comb when brushing your hair, or remain on your bedding's in the morning after you wake up. One is cause for alarm, and the other is not.

The first scenario above represents hair loss, while the second scenario represents hair fall out. Hair loss goes by a series of other names such as baldness and alopecia. It refers to the loss of hair from the head or body of a person. One the other hand, hair fall out is the normal loss of strands of hair. It is estimated that on average, a person loses around a hundred strands of hair every day.

Woman with hair falling out
There are several factors that cause hair loss. These include hereditary factors, or stress and anxiety. It has been discovered that majority of people under tension and stress tend to experience hair loss problems. In fact, people, particularly women, are advised to participate in calming exercises such as yoga in order to prevent the build-up of stress, anxiety, and tension, which cause and exacerbate hair loss.

Hair Loss and Hair Falling Out

Hair loss can also be a result of an unhealthy or improper diet. The scalp requires a series of essential nutrients to facilitate hair growth. However, when it is deprived of these nutrients, the natural result becomes hair loss. A healthy and proper diet is therefore essential for nourishing the scalp with necessary nutrients and oxygen, to preventing hair loss, and also for promoting hair growth.

Hair Loss in Women

As opposed to hair loss, hair fall out is a natural phenomenon that occurs to every human being. It is after all not uncommon to wake up and find strands of hair left on the pillow. Nonetheless, it is essential to pursue positive behaviors that strengthen and maintain your hair, including but not limited to proper dieting, and prevention of stress and anxiety. Hair fall out has been associated with weakening of the hair which is caused by various chemicals or heat, which essentially weakens the hair.

It is when this hair fall out becomes excessive that there is course for concern. Normally, this is characterized by large chunks of hair falling out, resulting to hair loss. It is important to note that hair loss is usually a symptom of an underlying medical condition, and it is therefore advised that one see’s a dermatologists for possible treatment upon discovery of the problem.

All the same, it is imperative to be watchful of the chemicals you expose your hair to, and the amount of heat your hair is subjected to, because these factors can ultimately result to hair loss.

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