Cheap is expensive, when you need a quality service it is advisable to pay a reasonable amount of money so that it will be done perfectly paying attention to its quality, because it will change the way you feel and your physical appearance.Cheap hair transplant should not be allowed in united kingdom. Because UK is among worlds role models and we expect the best out of him. When a cheap service is conducted in UK and after all it does not turn out well as expected, the blame will lie on the UK because one says my service was performed in the UK and not the individual surgeon who performed it but as the whole city and this will lower the dignity for UK.

When hair transplant is done roughly what you expect in return is an embarrassment and you will need to redo it after some time and this will turn out to be expensive instead of being cheap, in calculation the amount you will pay for the second time to redo the hair transplant combined with the first time amount,It will be too much instead of it paid ones and quality service is delivered.when hiring cheap hair transplant surgeon, You should be aware and be ready to have service which reflects the amount you have given out. But when you pay for a quality surgeon he will be dedicated and committed to his work to deliver the quality services.

Also he will use the best and quality recommended materials which will yield to the best hair transplant because all procedures will be following by the surgeon without skipping a step because you have paid him enough and he has no any hurry.On the other hand when your hair transplant done cheaply, you will have to be aware of its risks. The further expenses you will incur to repeat the same task will be costly, because the the cheap quality paid for is cheap and the quality itself is poor. For example an England football player and Manchester united forward Wayne Rooney has only stayed with his transplanted hair for two years and he needs to undergo a second transplant after spending almost £15,000 because their is bald patches that are formed at his head's top and the only option is to have a second hair transplant done.

He has to pay £30000 again to have a lasting hair transplanted on his head, if he had paid it ones during the first time he would have reduced additional expenses.Also in the year 2009 Dr. Jessen underwent his first hair transplant done and he has not stayed with it for even 10 years and now he has been losing his natural hair because at first he had a cheap hair transplant. Of course he was congratulated by many because he looked pretty but now where is he? he has to redo it again and the will turn out to be expensive than he had thought because the first fee he paid combined with the second fee for the second transplant will turn out expensive and that shows that cheap is expensive.Therefore i recommend that we should not have a cheap hair transplant in the UK.

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