Wondering when to have a beard transplant?

Are you considering having a beard transplant as the next cosmetic surgery for your face? There are some basic things that you need to know before you undertake the transplant so that you are able to make a wise decision and get maximum results.

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One of the main things you need to know is that just like a haircut you can get to choose the kind of beard that you want. So make an effort to carry a sample picture to your cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon gives you a beard transplant, which uses hair obtained from the back of your scalp, as it is the only hair that resembles your beard hair.

In addition, the hair in most cases will fall out after two weeks after which they grow back again. Do not get panicky when the hair starts falling out, as it will back and in a better way.

However, the big question is when should you have a beard transplant? Firstly for men who have patched beards this is the best remedy for you. Beard transplants will ensure that hair grows thickly around your chin giving you the look that you want.

You may also consider a beard transplant if you are not comfortable with your current situation. There are many reasons for this; one the people around you may be continuously making fun of your beard shape making you feel uncomfortable. You may also be looking for an option to enhance your chin beauty by having a particular beard shaped that you want

Another reason is that it can help boost your confidence by covering up past scars that may be as a result of accidents that are not in many cases covered by normal beards

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Many men have no beard growth because of genetic makeup, which is passed from generation to generations. If lack of beard hair is becoming problematic to you then considering a beard transplant as an option, you should take to have personal satisfaction

Its time you covered up your chin with a beard transplant that will help boost your confidence and facial beauty.

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